SWKD-14.0HFV High Frequency Wood Dryer

SWKD-14.0HFV high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln is one of the large capacity wood drying kilns, the capacity is 14.56 cubic meters per full load.
The timber cart size is 8m long x 1.4m wide. It is nice to dry plank, hardwood slabs.

SWKD-14.0HFV High Frequency Vacuum Wood Vacuum Dryer Kiln

High frequency vacuum wood dryer machine is an advanced wood drying equipment, which only needs electricity and it is without boilers, environment friendly and easy to handle with. Compared with conventional kiln dryer,high frequency vacuum wood dryer machine is flexible, less factory space needed; efficiency is much higher (more than 10 times faster than kiln dryer). After drying, timber is kept straight and in high quality without cracking. Out-turn percentage of lumber increased. HF vacuum wood dryer machine is the best choice for small and medium furniture manufacturers.

Specification of SWKD-14.0HFV Vacuum Wood Dryer Kiln

SWKD-14.0HFV model is the largest capacity of high frequency vacuum dryer kilns which can be shipped by 40’ high container. It can complete the fast drying of all kinds of wood, and is warm welcomed by all kinds of sawmills and furniture factories.

Model SWKD-14.0HFV High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer
Capacity 14.56 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension 9600x2200x2290mm
Timber Cart Size 8000x1400x1300mm
Max Length of Wood 8000mm
High Frequency 6.78MHz
Vacuum pressure -0.093Mpa
Weight(kg) 15000

Main Features of SWKD-14.0HFV high frequency vacuum wood dryer

Compared with the traditional conventional wood drying kilns, the key advantages of high frequency vacuum drying are:

1) HF vacuum dryer offer a significant reduction in drying times. In many cases as little as 1/10th of the time that is required when drying in conventional kilns.

2) HF vacuum dryer have the ability to dry heavy stock (8/4, 10/4, 12/4) and large timber efficiently and without major defects.

3) Heat treatment temperatures in HF kilns can be reached in much less time than conventional heat treatment methods as a result of efficient“direct heating”.

4) HF drying does not rely on air movement between the lumber to remove moisture. So HF vacuum dryer do not require sticks (spacers) between the lumber which eliminates stacking labour and sticker stain.

5) HF vacuum dryer can be used as a method to re-dry material rejected from conventional kilns or to quickly reduce moisture content in lumber already treated by DH kilns

6) HF vacuum dryer run solely on electricity thereby eliminating the need for large commercial boilers. This creates a greener footprint on the environment.

7) HF vacuum dryer can be installed quickly and moved easily thus better for the owners when moving and expansions are required

Drying result

SW wood drying kilns well combines the advantages of high frequency and vacuum technology, it offers fast and high quality wood drying performance.

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High praise from customers: The customers are all over the world including United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and Africa. The industry involves furniture factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wooden door factory, wooden handicraft factory, etc., Shuowei has been highly praised by customers

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