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As a direct manufacturer we not only provide a competitive factory price but also do our best to offer you with better service and support.

After you place the order, we need 25 days to finish the production and testing of the high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln. and then we will arrange the latest shipment. If you have plan to purchase this high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln from us, please contact us ahead of time, we do not have many ready stocks for such machines for requirements varies from different clients.

The vacuum chamber is make of stainless steel, so it is very tough, and the daily maintenance work is just some cleaning after finishing one drying cycle. The main electronic components are all using top brand (like Schneider) and the high frequency generator is with a self-protect programs, so the maintain costs could be almost ignored.

Spark protection is one of our kiln’s self protection program, if some wrong connection bring spark inside of the high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln, the kiln will power off immediately. Another reason it won’t catching fire is the vacuum, inside of the wood dryer kiln is a vacuum condition, even if it is sparked, it won’t fire. Because no oxygen. So no worry about the fire, if sparked, the operator just need check the connection will be ok.

The warranty of Shuowei high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln is one year since received the dryer. If any part damaged because of non-human factors,we will send new parts for replacement free.

Compared with the air seasoning and conventional kiln drying, high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln has greatly shorten the drying circle, you do not need wait years or months to get quality dried wood any more. The average drying time is 4-15 days to finish whole dry process.

The factors will affects the drying time includes the wood species, thickness and the initial moisture content, As a general rule,softwood is faster than hardwood, thin slab is faster than thick slab, air dried wood is faster than fresh cut wood.

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Before finding a proper type, the main factors to consider are as below

  1. Wood species (walnut,ash, acacia, rosewood,oak,pine,teak, Africa hardwood etc.)
  2. Thickness in mm of your wood slab Initial moisture and target moisture

The above data will decide the drying time of per batch. For example, if you plan to dry 50 CBM ash slab with thickness of 100mm per month and initial moisture is 30-40%. According to the data, it will take 5 days to reach 8% MC. So In a month, you can finish 6 wood drying cycles.Then we could know the net capacity of high frequency vacuum wood dry kiln should be 8 CBM  (50CBM/month ÷ 6 monthly cycles = 8.3cbm), Based on this, it is easy to find that SW-8.0III is suitable for you. The capacity of SW-8.0III model is 8.64cbm

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