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Shuo Wei HF Vacuum wood dryer

Enjoy unparalleled easy wood drying experience from beginning to end, Shuowei’s advanced high frequency vacuum kiln ensures high-quality wood drying- Short drying cycle, uniform moisture content, no deformation, no cracking and no drying defects. A professional technical team will offer you full circle services, you could always find a best wood drying solution here.

Make wood drying easier and faster

Shuowei is a manufacturer focusing on the R&D and production of high-frequency vacuum wood drying Kilns. Ever since the 1990s, it has been committed to the combination and application of high-frequency and vacuum technology in the field of wood drying machinery. The high-frequency vacuum wood dryer produced by Shuowei is far better than the traditional wood drying methods, which greatly improves the efficiency and ranks first globally in the wood drying fields.

Our Wood Dryer Kiln

As a direct factory, we could provide wood drying Kiln of all kinds. OEM order is also available according to your need, Just get a quote ASAP.

Capacity:4.4 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension:5400x1716x1809mm.
Timber Cart Size:4000x1100x1000mm.

Capacity:6.6 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension:6500x1916x2006mm.
Timber Cart Size:5000x1200x1100mm.

Capacity:8.64 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension:7600x2000x2090mm. 
Timber Cart Size:6000x1200x1200mm.

Capacity:10.08 cubic meters per full load 
Out Dimension:8600x2000x2090mm
Timber Cart Size:7000x1200x1200mm

Capacity:12.48 cubic meters per full load 
Out Dimension:9600x2000x2090mm
Timber Cart Size:8000x1300x1200mm

Capacity:14.56 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension:9600x2200x2090mm
Timber Cart Size:8000x1400x1300mm

Capacity:21.6 cubic meters per full load
Out Dimension:9600x2700x2300mm
Timber Cart Size:8000x1800x1500mm.

For the thick wood block it is take super long time to finish the drying process by conventional kiln.In order to save this problem, we developed the high frequency vacuum kiln for wood block.

It only takes 20-30 hours to finish the whole process of veneer drying from fresh peeling. This high frequency vacuum wood kiln could be used as veneer dryer.

Shuowei Wood Dryer's Technology

ShuoWei HF Vacuum wood dryer combines the advantages of high-frequency drying and vacuum drying, it is the most ideal drying method for wood.

High Frequency Drying Technology

High frequency is also called radio frequency. It’s heating principle is same with microwave, but wavelength different which allows better penetration. High frequency generator generates electromagnetic fields between two electrodes through three phase alternating current. In this field, water molecules are polarized – rotated – heated by friction. The wood then will dry from the core to the surface wholly and uniformly.

Vacuum Drying Technology

The vacuum technology is a wood drying process in a low degree vacuum conditions which usually are made with the help of vacuum pump. When the air pressure gets lower, the water boiling point is getting lower, Normally the moisture in the wood can be boiled at 50-60 degree and vaporize rapidly. The wood then will dry quickly at a low temperature, Meanwhile less oxygen content can reduce oxidative deterioration and inhibit bacteria.

Customer benefits from Wood Dryer

The following video truly shows customer satisfaction with our products, the crating process, etc.


Customer Satisfaction

At present, the SW high-frequency vacuum wood dryer products are exported to 80 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa, they are highly recognized by


Why Choose Shuowei?

Hebei Shuowei Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and producing a high-frequency vacuum wood dryer machine.

Shuowei is not only an experienced manufacturer with more than 30 years experiences. He but also adopted sophisticated manufacturing equipment and professional production lines to ensure the high quality of vacuum dryer machine.

Shuowei has a technical team of more than 10 people who are all experienced professors in wood drying field.
The rich experiences technician will assist to solve all the problems during your wood drying process.

Shuowei’s sales team are with more than 15 years international trade experiences, which will ensure no worries about importing issues.

Shuowei offers full working life after-sale service and 7* 24 hours online service to solve all the questions.

Qualifications and Certifications

After-sales Service

  1. Provide users with important technical information for operation and maintenance. Combining with the network and remotely.
  2. Provide technical and business training for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. When necessary, experienced engineering and technical personnel could be sent to provide on-site technical services in time .
  3. After receiving the user’s complain of the quality problem , It is guaranteed to reply within 24 hours and provide a solution within 48 hours, and the service will not stop if the user is not satisfied with the solution
  4. Easy to install and start, taking only a few hours to get the program up and running  
  5. When used properly, machine parts are rarely damaged
  6. Lifetime after-sales service

Maybe More Question You Want To Konw

What’s the maintenance costs of your high frequency vacuum dryer kiln?

The vacuum chamber is make of stainless steel, so the maintenance work is easy, just make some clean work after finish one cycle drying process. The main electronic components are using Schneider brand and the high frequency generator is with self-protect programs, so the maintain costs could be almost ignored.

What's The Delivery Time Of Your High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer Kiln?

After you place the order, we need 25 days to finish the production of high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln. and then we will arrange the shippment. If you have plan to purchase the high frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln from us. pbecasue the different voltage from different country’s client, we do not have stock. so please contact us earlier.

Can I contact the users of my country to know more information about your HF vacuum dryer kiln?

Yes, we have some regular users in more than 80 countries, welcome contact us to ask our users information near your location.

Can I customized the high frequency vacuum kiln?

Yes, for special size requirements, our machine can be customized at various volume to meet different need of work conditions.


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